Enumclaw Exotics Rabbitry
Mini Rex & Cinnamon Rabbits
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Mini Rex ~ Heir to the Throne

With 17 varieties, the Mini Rex offers a rainbow of choices.  Our primary focus, although it changes like the weather in Seattle, is currently on the Black and Blue varieties. Of course we also have brokens and REW.

Mini Rex Rabbits are a favorite among adults and children because of their velvety soft fur. They are clean and easy to groom. They are small rabbits, weighing up to 4 1/2 pounds. 

The Mini Rex makes a great indoor bunny as they are quick learners, easy to litter box train and are naturally curious. With a proper hutch, Mini Rex rabbits do well as outdoor pets also.  With their wide variety of fur coloring -- 17  accepted varieties including black, lilac, lynx, tortoise, chocolate, white, red and broken -- there is a color to please everyone. We are sure you will fall in love with this breed as we did.

We are members of the Mini Rex Fanciers of the Greater Northwest - Marian serves Vice President - and members of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club.

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