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About Us

Updated, May 2010

Enumclaw Exotics Rabbitry is a hobby rabbitry located in the foothills of Mt. Rainier (about 35 miles SE of Seattle.)

Initally, it was the "pet project" of my daughter and myself. She became in involved in 4-H in 3rd Grade and started with Hedgehogs in 4th and Rabbits in 5th grade.

We did not take on this endeavor lightly and are in it for the love of rabbits. We have both been involved in 4-H for over ten years and have been involved with pets for all of our lives.

The name Enumclaw Exotics catches people off guard. The name came about more with our involvement with hedgehogs. We had been very active in the hedgehog community and had one of the only (if not only) recognized Hedgehog 4-H Projects in the country in our county. (Pierce County, WA) We participated at the County Fair level since its introduction and were consistently invited for a special one day showing at the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA (one of the 5 largest fairs in the US.)

However, hedgehogs are deemed "exotic" and in order to breed on a larger scale, special USDA licensing is required. (Along with some special permits depending on where you live.) They are also somewhat difficult to breed and require a much larger financial investment. They currently cost upwards of $150 each and have some health issues due to what some think is in-breeding due to the very limited gene-pool. It is no longer legal to import Hedgehogs into the US.  Hence, rabbits seemed our logical choice and like potato chips -- no one can have just one!

We both love rabbits and the Cinnamons, Mini Rex and Mini Lop have always been our favorites. In the past we have raised Britannia Petites, Satins, Mini Satins, Polish, New Zealands and English Angoras.

We have had the advantage of seeing many rabbits at the county & state 4-H fairs, talking with owners (kids & parents) and finding what fit our needs -- size, personality, clubs, local support, etc. We are developing and maintaining our breeding program and learning a lot as we go.

This year Emily completed her 3rd year of college at the University of Idaho, majoring in Animal Science. She decided to take a break from rabbits for the summer and while completing her final year of college. 

I will continue to show Mini Rex primarily while breeding Cinnamons.  I have also kept a few of my favorite Mini Lops for limited showing and breeding. Emily will continue to supply my long distance support!

Currently, I am a Resource Leader with King and Pierce County 4-H, Vice President of the MRFGNW, President of the CRBA, member of ARBA, WSRBA and ERBA.

I greatly enjoy showing rabbits and have made wonderful friends. I look forward to this new chapter of raising rabbits!

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